Hannah Jackson

Hallmark Channel Movie

Christmas Cookies


Hannah's arrangement of "jingle bells" is featured in this film! 

You can watch it all season!  

Here is the lineup for when it will air...

(1 hour earlier for Central Time!)

"Jingle Bells" was arranged/co-produced by Hannah Jackson and recorded and produced by Scott Faris at Amusement Park Studio in Lubbock, Texas for a collaborative Christmas album project with Amy Faris called "Hot Chocolate for Two".  Performers on the song are: Hannah Jackson, Kris Killingsworth (Tugboat), Sean Frankhouser, Grace Drake, Faith Drake, Jake Jackson, Autumn, Emmie and Jeremiah Eade.  Placement was made by GODIYRECORDS.COM.

Hannah LOVES the Hallmark Channel & their Christmas movies, so this is a DREAM COME TRUE!!!

christmas cookies.jpeg

"Learn to love your scars - They make you who you are.  Without your quirks you have no power.  They're what make you -

a Rare Flower."



I'm Hannah Jackson and it's nice to meet you!  This is the designated place on my website to tell you a little about myself, so here goes...

I have been singing and performing since I was 2 years old.  My Mother and Father both come from a ministry background so as kids (I have 2 talented and artistic siblings), we had the opportunity to sing all over the country for different churches, conventions and even a cruise!  A cruise where I discovered I have anxiety and nervous breakdowns when confined into small places...but a chance to sing nonetheless!  

High School and College days provided me with ample moments to shine in the spotlight.  Consequently - I didn't hesitate to take them.  Musical Theatre was my life!  I was also in a band with church friends (cuttin' my teeth) and a trio in college.  Those are great memories for sure.

My 20s were a dysfunctional mess of things, but in spite of my tortured artist self, I created 2 amazing daughters and a son.  I also had the absolute JOY of helping raise my 2 brilliant bonus boys!  Love them!  And now, we are beyond smitten with a gorgeous baby girl that we adopted when she was born in April 2016.  Yeah - it's a lot of kids, but what's one more?!  We love it!!! 

I discovered my heart for song writing when I finally discovered myself in my late 20s.  I actually had something to say!  Since then, I have been writing, arranging, recording whenever and however I can.  I really love collaborating with other artists to make music because of the learning space it presents.  And it's just seriously fun.

In 2011, I had the weirdest experience!!  I made it to the top 40 on Simon Cowell's show "The X-Factor".  Totally random and totally amazing!  I have had the good fortune of many moments in music because of this crazy endeavor.  It was great and I would definitely do it again.

Since 2001, I have owned and operated a teaching music studio called Songbird Music Studio.  We have grown so much since the first year when I had one voice student.  Now we have 2 associate teachers and at least 50 students a semester.  I love mentoring young aspiring musicians and see it as my legacy that grows beyond myself as well as something that brings the greater good to the Universe.   

So that's about it.  My heart is to give love to others through music and quality time.  I'm glad we found each other on this occasion of the journey.  May the music bring you to a moment where you feel love, acceptance, peace and joy.  I'll leave you with this...

We'll meet again,
Don't know where,
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through,
Just like you always do
Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

- Veral Lynn




"You can turn the tables - You're undoing becomes your aid."


"It's time to make it better - watch the bad memories fade."