Texas Gold

Texas Gold is a tribute to a beautiful and strong mother and wife, Jackie Hampton (1960-2016).  Lyrics written with her daughter, Shannon Hampton and music composed with Kenny Maines; 'Texas Gold' is a Nicholas Sparks worthy love story about Billy Don Hampton and his beloved, Jackie "Texas Gold" Hampton. 

The two met on Interstate-20 via CB Radio en route to Lubbock, Texas (Texas Tech University students at the time) from Dallas. "Hey there, Blue Monte Carlo!  Where ya headin'?", over the airwaves was the spark that lead to a flame of 'a thousand dreams and a thousand dances'. Their time on Earth was cut short due to human limitations, but their love and passion for one another survives through time, space, and light. This is their love song.    

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Texas Gold was recorded at Route 1 - Acuff Studios in Acuff, Texas by Alan Crossland. 

Musicians: Hannah Jackson, Kenny Maines, Lloyd Maines, Brian Maines.


Music Video for Texas Gold produced, filmed and photographed by: Juan Gil