Come on, get rhythm when you get the blues
— Johnny Cash

Music is for the soul.  Music heals, helps, protects, inspires, grows, liberates and connects us all in a way that feels cosmic and magical. 

Melodies remind humans to feel and breath. Harmonies remind us that we exist in a world bigger than us. A groove nudges us to move and come to life. 

The stories teach us how to win, loose and love all the while.  



  I make music.  I perform music.  I love music.

I do it because, I must in order to breath.  Is that dramatic?  Yes.  Passionate?  Also, yes.  It's who I am therefore, it's what I do.  

Thank you for joining me on the journey for a moment.  Hope it has been a nice visit. 

Love one another.



Photographs by: Ashley Jackson of Olive & Pearl Photography